Review Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows part 2

Harry Potter, the right to film, those dismissed from the novel by JK Rowling. At least 10 years had to produce eight films in this franchise completely. In the year 2001 the first Harry Potter movie with the title Harry Potter and the ways stone has been edited. The presence of this film marks the big concession of birth, now a huge fan club in the world. Accept also gelaicht the birth of new stars in Hollywood, you name it Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson and Rupert grimace, each Harry, Hermine and Ron play. First, perhaps many people do not know, now this love of film someone she knows. Harry Potter in his journey Šempeter changes several times its director. His first two films, Harry Potter and the stone ways and Harry Potter and the Chamber of terror, as the producer Chris Columbus, Alfonso Cuarón, and then look around the third film, Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Askaban replaces . During the fourth film, Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire is handled by Mike Newell. Only from the fifth Harry Potter film from David Yates, the latest film Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows death, part 2 arranged. Following the first part of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows of death, Harrys risk, in order to find Hermione and Ron and destroy Horkruxe to undo the flight. the place. Harry and his friends begin their journey on the basis of the information. information. they during this time. Harry has wanted to undo more victims in their research and their efforts around the flight. the place. From their trip to Gringotts, around objects in the storage box has contained the find belonged to Bellatrix. With the help of Griphook, Harry and his friends in Gringotts. The report says they are looking more to find that they Horkrux anywhere. Harry decides to return to Hogwarts because he is, where was the rest of Horkrux think. This is the last battle in Hogwarts Zaubererwelt to appear to be in the flight. the place and tried to kill Harry around the only one among them who are left become the largest Magier. Theft. that the place had the longest wall gets the Heiligtümer of death was stated clearly to hit that Kraft Harry Potter. Just like the previous film, the film is arranged respected Harry Potter also David Yates as producer. In last two Harry Potter films his latest book Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows of death, JK Rowling, as adapted by novelist took to choose which parts of the book become movie. Indeed Yates'; can; Work on the first part of the film quite well, although in the first part of this latest film more drama before the elements of magic items. In this second part becomes the current item of Yates of magic and measures, which are surely full of visual effects. Beyond what this film is the last film of the Harry Potter franchise is surely the most fans expected. Regarding history, perhaps for those, they follow his first novel at the end feel some differences in this film, then there are parts that are deemed important, but not shown in this film. It does not ruin the story so even those that also do not read the book may be easier to catch. At the end he inherited Yates, around which are merely in line with that of its present readers, if also as perfectly as signified, but Yates are not successful, a breath of drama and scenes of magic are amazing. In the last series of Harry Potter this is first divided for release in 3D first or second party planned in two sections. But in the long run it only the second party to a 3D version is presented. Fortunately the second part of this magic scene with more visual effect betörenden one eye and are very appropriate, if present in 3D. Not all these films are in a box with 3D, starting at center the film is not much visual effect to show the fact that, but if the battle of Hogwarts in the film center here, whose name with effect Yates is indicated visually by entering appreciated. This is where the public in the situation, enjoy the film with a 3D-Präsentation. Regardless of the technical side, the contact of a story from the novel by JK Rowling suited bands to mark the times of Alexander Desplat sure that contact ready and happy with the marking of this film is a breath of feeling so that they observe. No miracle, especially if those tears, which follows the journey of the film can not pay. Harry Potter franchise, which has finally become acceptable to a large, at the closed end with a hook, which is very episch. For those, the film of the foundation stone of the ways in Deathly Hallows one follows in any case the feeling by some of the aid Harry Potter generation. Adventures in the world of magic with Harry Potter and his friends become in any case of special memories, which must not be forgotten. Their success was the producer, that places the novel by JK Rowling is a thumbs up. Provide the Harry Potter franchise to the granting of the most successful film of all time. And you forget that the highest honor JK Rowling did not pay, those with imagination bore a great concession. Fortunately for those who can grow with this concession. Finally with this latest film, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows part 2 of the death of two close long journey of Harry Potter. Source

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