Tips SEO Basics for Beginners

Learning SEO is not endless, with different possibilities and techniques, those, if my friends are still like you a beginner and do not know, as one learns fundamental SEO is good and correct, and sometimes confusing, where one because of the swindles with the abundance of hints, cheat to SEO start offered the bloggers, therefore leave us to learn together. I think, learning seo am in the reason exactly the same place. Thoughts know May here to be for the beginner up, as one learns seo is well and correctly to exchange. By your blog to optimize, over into the SERP competition is not as simple as the rotation of the palm of the hand. Perhaps credit its friends a quantity over SEO in itself and had a friend, over him seo cheat for you after, it help when learning seo with a multiplicity of possibilities and techniques could a friend to possibly know here you learn logic use and own investigations about SEO, by learning the experience of the master seo, seo learn, because I it not an accurate science, because if seo is an accurate science, so that we are rather open only a master seo blog, think, and we follow the hints and let us cheat it are achieved. But I understand the fact that search engines particularly google never reveal the secret, around into the SERP and SEO techniques is it correctly, as indicated, why it so many possibilities and SEO techniques, which arose, because the results of experiments, observations and experiences of the masters themselves seo. SEO stands for search Engige or optimization is used a method, in order to optimize, like you your blog for preferential search engine (google, Yahoo, MSN, etc.) and the visitors. If its blog SEO friendly then the Ranking position into the SERP (search Engige sides) would be better and could surely be correct first. So that the level of the visitors on our blog will increase traffic likewise. Learning SEO can be so for a long time understood, as held out we and always tried to cultivate a spirit then you let together learn us, how they learn seo mengasikan, but not dizzy. There are two keys to my knowledge base SEO for beginners to learn is on PAGE optimization (optimization of the Blog side) and off PAGE optimization (optimization outside of the Blog side).
1. ON PAGE optimization
There are two things to optimize as blog into the own side must itself: Blog and content attributes of attributes.
A. Blog attribute:
• Domain name: or URL address of your blog as happy ji. blogspot. com, but it said, Domain names in these days no more regarding SEO computed. Usually we concentrate on our keywords as Domain names contained, but it would be better, if you a Domain name that memorable, beautifully, simply one calls to use and no more than two sentences.
• Title blog: would know the same name as Domain, but even better, to carry if it same Blog names with your Keywords the support leg. Mach you concerns to is not enough to 80 indications. If it the title swindle, which you love your own blog exactly the same as my name Panca blog give.
• Post office title: clearly to be, precise and solidly, must be clearly and sometimes controversially. And the most urgent need in agreement with its contents. And most everything else is in my opinion the goal of the keywords your friends.
• Meta day: a text, which is hidden in the head day into your HTML side. Form of explanations general description of your blog and its most important keyword descriptions. Meta tags are one the prominent some search engige to indicate our blog used. The length of your description Meta day should less than 80 indications. From sebagain master seo Meta day underestimates again • Blog Template Design: actually a quantity of Templates/layout, SEO friendly is, but you to seize must, find you a collecting main, strukutur code Top content from other ranges. Try, your Blog side update and observe you the first part of what first appears, if the Sidebar appears from contents, before contents are then it not well, not SEO friendly. Which should the contents of contents first.
• Picture: If in your article there is also a picture would be still better. Profit from attributr ALTO. Use Keywords into the old code into the script the picture.
• Heading day: consider also the structure of the HTML heading tags such as H1, H2 or H3, where as indications of it, like importantly the title of your contents. Heading tags liked of googles very much. B. Content attribute:
• References (headlines): pilihlan references to shoot you in your article give you please keywords, which look for many humans. Keywords, those the main thoughts into the topic of their article sides. By reference search engige vote over your article in the SERP.
• Number of Keywords: hang with the short duration of the article, but must exist usually in an article from 2-5 Keywords. Too many Keywords a boomerang can become, become as Spam search engige to be content.
• Position key word: preferably at the beginning of a sentence in the first paragraph and last paragraph. But look not on it, make it natural and relevantly for the words a different one to so beautifully read. A keyword, because not only search engine do not only shoot, have you still goals, you the faithful visitors, who must be considered.
2. Off PAGE optimization
• Number bake on the left of: a left is arranged to your blog from other blog. Look for as much as possible. Thus you find some to exchange like connections to other bloggers to in writing qualitatively high-quality contents and useful, so that other bloggers voluntarily one bake left to you.
• Quality bake on the left of: good bake on the left of is relevantly for the topic, bake on the left of of blog with higher PAGE-climbs. The more quality bake on the left of you receive the better of your blog in the SERP. Remember to never exchange left from link farm.

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