Dash' Knights, a unique game of strategy formulated by the nation s children

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Tangible proof of the capacity of the developer game is homeland Dash'n Knights, games that had a gender strategy turn-based with a game play of paper with a unique form of game nan.

The brain behind the realization of this game is a video game Developer Studio called forged Labs (http://www.tempalabs.com).

The game itself does not require installation, so everything has gone through a Web browser. Therefore, the Dash Knights ' n Internet connection required when played.

Dash Knights ' n can jump game from the link below.

In this game, players will be invited to solve the mystery behind the threat of attacks by monsters. It is that these monsters attacks triggered by a mysterious organization of bad intentions. For menggagalkannya, a gentleman had called Dash, along with three other fighters of starting the adventure fun.

Although this game created by the developer of the homeland, this game is not performed in the language of Indonesia. Both the interface and the history at United Kingdom. Quite understandable, taking into account the consumer Internet is the international community.

Game mode

The game is a mixture of Knights Dash'n antasa strategy turn-based role-playing games: rope. Shift elements are present in the sequence in the way that all the parties involved in this game, good friend or enemy. Therefore, all parties will get a turn lane at the same time.

Whereas elements of role in increasing the ability to Dash and his friends. Every battle is won successfully, all the characters who participated Gets the value of the experience (experience point).

Now, through these points will increase the level of character and strengthen the character combat capability.

What way of mourning.? It is the uniqueness of the Dash Knights ' n. Instead of running in the distance of attack the character of the character portrayed in this game you menabrakkannya the enemy! Yes, your character must be ditabrakkan the enemy!


The successful enemy ditabrakkan is attacked by the use of weapons. But before that, you will find an indicator and press the button there.

Use this indicator to determine how the force of a collision that would later throw away the enemy in the opposite direction. Similar to hitting the cue ball in billiard ball in destination.

The effect of this enemy in a lot of good. Through this method can be redirected to the enemy to a profitable position. For example close the other characters who will be the next Street, towards the spines (will give additional wounds), or keep them away from the characters are injured.


Through this function, elements of the strategy that never hands-on in the other game comes to the surface.


The three pre-eminent features

1. The mission or Quest
This game has so many missions or missions to reproduce, i.e. more than 80 missions. Types of enemies that can be found so much, that is about 25 species. In addition, each mission had a level of difficulty.

Initially, the player can only play a "Normal" level of difficulty. After these difficulties, a new level of complete correctly will be open, which is hard. There are five levels, i.e., Normal, hard, extreme challenge Gold and Platinum challenge.


Each level will provide a different challenge. In addition more than gold and Platinum worth of capacity will be character, for example by reducing the distance, road reduced to half strength, even to make certain characters not could join the fight.

2 Update

Along the journey, players will receive points of "Update". Through these points, you can increase the ability to Dash and his friends. In addition to increased capabilities, features "Upgrade" can also be used to obtain a new character.

The new character of this feature is the only way to use other characters in battle. Therefore, it is very important that as soon as possible, using the "Update" points to "buy" a new character.


Through this feature, players can also unlock access to buy benda greater healing. This is particularly important, given the enemy to be encountered later became increasingly powerful and will definitely hurt his character.

3 Achievement
Although this feature does not provide the function in the battle, but the players always they are pursuing it. Suppose that this feature as a challenge for players who play this game.

Achievement is a list of challenges that vary its shape. From the attacks of the series much as 10 times to beat the highest difficulty level.



Although impressed, simple Dash Knights ' n has many advantages are not owned by another developer of hunting. Especially by the unique shape of the game requires strategy and mature.



Gameplay that unikTidak should be instalFitur bersahabatKesulitan multilevel tutorial provides an additional challenge


Not customizable gear

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