Here is the Android phone of 10 application "Reference" - what is mobile quad - core are actually faster than the old devices that only armed with single-core processors?

Does newly purchased a burning fire tablet can run games with softener? The answers to these questions can be obtained with a reference software.

Measure performance or Software used to get an idea of the functioning of a reference device - including smart phones and tablets in a variety of forms, ranging from the ability to boot speed sports graphics.

Most applications reference pengukurannya presents the results in a number of format or add points for what you can compare the performance of a device with other devices.

For the Android platform, a number of request for reference that allows you to see how fast Smartphones is available or tablet you can "run".

Well, here are ten of the best application of reference can try from the last classification. Oya, everything can be obtained from the app store of Google play without paying aka free!

10 Boot Benchmark

boot benckmark

As its name suggests, this application will measure how quickly an Android devices could finish the boot process. In addition, the boot process can be indicators that are used in the implementation underway, these magnitudes use CPU (use) for each one.

Any graphical information presented on the stem and a circular chart teperinci.

9. Speed test

speed test

Internet Explorer is not necessarily familiar with the site that allows its users to measure speed networking.

An application with similar functionality already available for the Android platform so they can directly see the ping information, as well as download and upload speed for connections of networks and 3 g to 4 g WiFi. Connect your device to the nearest speed test server to make measurements.

It is this app worth try. Does anyone know provider quietly slowed down its unlimited package.?

8. to Linpack

The implementation of this will be to measure the performance of single and multi-Threading processor that is embedded in the device. Performance is measured from how many floating point operations that can be performed within a second, in million units (million floating point operations per second or MFLOPS).

The device can be stored or Skor uploaded to the Linpack benchmarks site so can compete against the owner of the other device.

7 Nenamark2

Nenamark2 is a graph of reference based on the Open GL ES 2.0 program for mobile devices that will test a performance of first class (GPU) graphics processing unit.

With this reference, you can see how soft those games current or future in the future can be run on the device. The results of measurement set out in units of frames per second (FPS). The greater the number, the more transparent can run the game.

6 Vellamo

At a time when the majority of users have already switched to surf the internet with a mobile device, as it is currently, one thing sailing performance is important.

Here is what can be known through Vellamo, reference point software that measures network performance, JavaScript, processing the page and the user experience through a series of situations that have become industry standards.

To Linpack, to load their qualifications for comparison with other Android devices.

5 Smartbench 2012

Do you want to measure the performance of the processors of multiple cores on your Android smartphone? Smartbench 2012 is an application capable of doing so. This reference program run a series of tests and give the final score of the value of productivity and games.

For purposes of comparison, both of these values can be loaded into the site Smartbench.

4 Quadrant 2.0


The quadrant Benchmark 2.0 includes the speed of measurement of the CPU, i/o and 3D graphics. This application has circulated for years and become a standard reference for Android software.

3 Bank of CF
CF bench

One more reference program that is capable of measuring the performance of the CPU Android devices and i/o. CF-Bench broke the results of measurement of these two aspects into separate categories. This application is useful for measuring changes in the performance of the kernel update or adjust.

Score from a variety of devices appears on the Web site of the CF Androd-Bench in comparison with the device belongs to you.

2 GLBenchmark

As the development of the graphics in the game are the already more complex, capacity for graphics of sports devices Android became more important. GLBenchmark presents benchmark focused on the performance of the graphics OpenGL ES 2.x.

When the test covers 33 different types of tests, including animation 3D, measuring baja-niveles of graphics performance, as well as the measurement of the capacity of the device screen in HD resolution if you are going to play on your Android device, try the application.

1 Antutu Benchmark


Application Antutu Benchmark to measure holistic performance through "performance tests of memory", "Integer", "Return floating point performance of CPU"CPU","2D 3D graphics performance","SD card read/write speed"and the"Database i/o".

The result is a total score of almost all aspects of your Android device.

The reference, Antutu provides a score of more consistent and comprehensive. If you only have to deal with a point of reference, this application is the choice.

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