It is time to steal the home of Indonesia game developers

Neighborhood, Indonesia game industry is growing and predictable would be great. This is considered that the right time for that developers of the motherland steal from the beginning.

Hironao Kunimitsu, CEO of Gumi, said was in the game developers meeting (GDG) 2012 in Multimedia Nusantara University, neighborhood, on Saturday (26/05/2012).

"The market of Southeast Asia, approximately 4 years behind Japan." If you (the developer of the local-rojo) from now on, there are opportunities to be great in the future, "advice."

Gumi is a mobile game publisher founded by Japan Kunimitsu. In addition to its headquarters in Japan, Gumi also has an Office in Singapore.

However, Kunimitsu said still have to be too focused on the market of Southeast Asia, especially in Indonesia. Indonesia, said, still need two years more to be an attractive market for him.

Instead MirĂ³ encouraged developer Indonesia games on the market that exists in the country. None other that when the market is mature Indonesia developer is ready.

He studied

In a press conference at the margin of the 2012 GDG Kris Antoni Hadiputra, Toge productions Director, says Indonesia needs to prepare indeed Developer "invasion".

Kris admitted, Indonesia is the market with great potential. In addition, given the size of the population, as well as the high penetration of mobile devices.

However, said he did not expect foreign come only with "segepok duit" then ruled the market. He hoped that Indonesia can be obtained in the science of third-party developers.

Toge productions acts as an organizer of the GDG 2012 with UMN hired as a host location. This event brings some of the speakers from game companies abroad.

Apart from Gumi, Kunimitsu also Toshihiko Suyama of DeNA, Eric Chen Mochi Media and Noritaka Kobayashi of Green.

According to Kris, the "guest" say that Indonesia is still difficult market under cultivation. However, they admit that there is great potential for developernya.

"Game of Indonesia, had the potential to be sold on the global market!", he added.

Towards the world market

The game is a part of the creative economy rated as great potential for Indonesia to get on the world market.

"The creative industries is an industry that is based on ideas, not at the origin that can be exhausted." 2012 is a manifestation of the commitment of the GDG UMN to participate to develop creative industries in Indonesia, said Andrey Andoko, Purek II, UMN.

Game, says Andrey, incorporating many of the things that is a "pillar" of the creative industries. From media, art and culture to technology.

UMN also intends to establish a course or program of studies that focus on this field. However, he said, it would be not "Department of game".

Soon materialized, according to Andrey, currently existing in many departments of supporting development of the UMN game.

Andrey speak, from design of communication Department of Visual to the visual part of your work of art, majoring in communication of content, computer for the technical part and management to its business side.

UMN also had the Club's game development whose members combine students from various different departments that have the same interest in the development of games.

Quality of Kedepankan products

Currently, the games in Indonesia market is very diverse and each has a different approach. According to Kris, a market that is growing rapidly is social game and game.

Kris stressed, any platform that is used by the video game developer in Indonesia, which should be the main concern is the quality of the game were produced.

Touchten, Anton Soeharyo, CEO sets out some things that are worth the attention of developers when presents it its products in the market. One of them is a matter of naming game.

Anton suggested the names game consider that the search carried out on people. He exemplifies some of the game Touchten as a chain of Sushi, or last Infinite Sky Hachiko.

All games that deliberately chose a name is expected to be a sought after person while visiting the store as Apple's App Store applications. Also show graphic created as interesting as possible.

On the other hand, says that his game is not not not contain elements of local culture. Sushi chain, for example, says that there is a menu of fried rice.

"In heaven infinite, even one of the pilots that more Ghatotkacha jago," said Anton.

"The form of entertainment live"

All GDG 2011, there is a message that is quite remarkable: the most important thing in making a game is a fun game featuring.

This is expressed, for example, by m. s., St, M.Inf.Tech, teaching design of the UMN game. He normally told students in a class will conduct playtesting to see how fun the games they create.

Also, encourage your students to first create a prototype of the game in the non-digital form. Some works of one student UMN game was dipamerkannya.

In addition to the fun for those who play the game must also be fun to do. Arief Widhiyasa as described, CEO of Valentine's day, in order to survive game developer Studio should feel happiness. It is then when he did something that I wanted to do.

Studio Valentine, which grew from 15 to 76 people within approximately 3 years, also holds in principle at work. This corresponds with "spells" always pronounced tim Valentine: live the fun way!

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